Isn’t it hard to find an expert Estimator these days that you can rely on?
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Use our takeoff services and bid on more projects without hiring a full-time estimator. Add price yourself based on the takeoff we provide and send it to your client.

We have designed our takeoff services keeping construction business owners in mind. Many businesses are either not able to find a skilled estimator or don’t have a budget to hire one. Our quantity takeoff services can solve that problem.

Constructerupt provides quantity takeoff services at affordable prices. An accurate and complete quantity takeoff is extremely important. It can help a general contractor or a subcontractor in quoting an accurate price to their client which can eventually increase their chances of winning a job.

Our freelancers understand the importance of an accurate takeoff and we provide quantity takeoff services for all trades covering all CSI codes. We also provide takeoff services to general contractors.

We provide our quantity takeoff services to general contractors and subcontractors.

Our freelancers can help general contractors in doing quantity takeoff for residential, multi-family, and commercial projects.

Our freelancers can help subcontractors in doing takeoff for almost all trades covering all CSI codes including Excavation, Demolition, Concrete, Masonry, Drywall, Glazing, Structural Steel, Misc. Metals, Countertops, Tiles, Flooring, Roofing, Openings, Finishes, HVAC, Furnishings, Landscaping, and much more…

We provide detailed markups in Bluebeam/Planswift and itemized takeoff in an excel sheet for each project. For samples, please fill out the form at the end of the page.

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Here are some most popular queries

1. What is Constructerupt?

Constructerupt is a platform that connects small-to-medium-sized business owners across Canada and US with services that construction-related businesses require on daily basis to be successful.

2. I have started a new business that is related to the construction industry. Can Constructerupt help me?

Yes, we can, and we would love to. We work with newly started companies in building their strong foundation. There are numerous services that we provide from website development to digital marketing to tenders’ search to cost estimation and much more. All these services are designed to help companies reach out to potential clients and then further help them to retain those clients.

3. I own an existing business related to construction that has not been growing/expanding as we expected it to. Can you help?

Of course, we can help you in finding the solution to this problem. Contact or email us with your present scenario in detail and what you had expected out of the business. Also, mention things that have been acting as a barrier to your business expansion. In many cases, the major reason for this is non-profitability. And one of the solutions that can help you in making the company profitable is by outsourcing some of the tasks.

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Reasons Why Construction-related Businesses Need a Quantity Takeoff service

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Save money that will cost you to hire a full-time estimator

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Save time (You don’t have to completelygo through all construction drawings)

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